Adding A Signature

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Adding A Signature

To Your Bridger Account

Let's get your signature all set up inside Bridger

So you'll first go up to your image in the top right corner and hit configuration.

And now you're in the configuration editor.

We're going to go into email signatures on this side, and we're going to configure the signature.

Before we begin, there's an exciting new feature in the email configuration that you need to know about.

We can now enter an HTML signature.

This is especially useful for those using HTML signatures on social media sites.

Once you click the HTML button, all you need to do is paste the HTML code.

If you want to add an image to your email signature, choose the file for the image you want.

Bridger does not automatically size your signature.

​So, for a quick fix, Go get a free Canva account. Size it to 100 by 20 or 200 by 40. 

Upload the file here of the size you want, and it will display in the signature. Once you've created your signature and uploaded the image you wish to, assign it to an individual email.

Then, anytime you want to edit your signature, you will have to go in and click the edit button for the signature you wish to edit.

Make your edit, hit save again, and you'll be back in the swing.

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