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Monday, April 08, 2024

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Contact Tile Stats and Functions 

Getting to know your contact tile section of Bridger

Let's explore the first and second levels of your contact tile screen, specifically statuses, pipeline statuses, and the different functions inside this top bar of your specific contact management section.

So first is statuses.

These statuses are if you've been in a meeting if your prospect is in a sequence, or if you've made contact.

​So, the left side is the initial phase.

The right side is, are they a lead? Have they been quoted? Have they been qualified? And how many have turned into customers? 

These stats get more profound as we go further down the rabbit hole on the left-hand side of Bridger.

So once you understand the pipeline status, where does it derive into your pipeline tab, and is this status more about who's new in the system?

Who do I have to address? Who have I put into a sequence? How many people in the system have a complete sequence?

When you move down to the second bar, if you're looking at complete sequences, you can filter by sequence complete a, which will pull up all of the people in your system who've completed a sequence.

​Inside Bridger. So again, in this section, you can filter by new, you can filter by meeting, you can filter by sequence, and you can filter by contact.

Also, we've added a new function called repair. Some say, what would you do with a customer or a prospect in repair?

We use repair if any information needs to be corrected in the context profile.

​So, for example, you use the lead generation tool or whatever lead generation tool you use, and you've come back with a bounce in the email.

Put the prospect into repair; it will pull them out of every sequence and essentially stop any progression with tasks with that prospect, allowing you time if you do it on a Friday afternoon or however, you take your data and enrich it to enable it to do it at that specific status.

​Once you have, for example, put a prospect into the repair status, you can do this multiple ways.

If you click on the contact, you can put them into repair status, and you will see how it shows repair.

Then, when you're looking for the repaired status, you can go in here, edit the information you want, and hit save.

​When you hit save, you can pull them out of the repair status simply by going here and hitting back to contact.

You'll see the colour change, which will also change on the individual tile. 

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