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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Setting Up Your Emal

Getting to know the email setup guide and functionality

Let's get your email all set up so you can start using the super power of Bridger. 

From your dashboard, locate your face icon and access the configuration settings.

We'll focus on this specific box. Your next task is connecting an IMAP SMTP or a Google Workspace provider.

Connecting with Google is a straightforward process. Click 'connect,' and you'll be directed to your personal Google account.

Choose the account you want to connect. Please note that we're working with Google to update this verification process.

Rest assured, the app is verified, and we have confirmation. I'll even show you the email we received from them in this section.

Currently, we still need to include the advanced process for logging in with Google. We're eagerly awaiting Google's new email rules, which are set to be released in early February.

Once they're out, we'll promptly update this section. In the meantime, click on the advanced Bridger and go to Bridger Unsafe.

Make sure you have the correct Gmail address.

At this point, you should just hit select All. Once you hit continue, you will be brought back.

You should then choose your default server. If you are talking about iMap, you should hit the configure button, which will bring you to our iMap settings.

You can usually click on this drop-down menu, which will navigate you through dozens of different email services that provide IMAP and SMTP services.

If you have an Outlook 365 account, all you do is click. It will load all the ports. Enter your user details, first name, last name, ID, and password for your Outlook 365 account.

It will automatically load inside Bridger. If you have a different service, if it's not one we have in the listings, you can add details here.

This provider just gives you the server details. If you have your own server details, just enter them here, figure out if you need to require authentication and SSL, enter your name, ID, and password, and hit save.

Once you've done that, you must configure the default server.

Again, I will configure my default server to Gmail because we use G Suite. You can, but if you're doing an IMAP, you must configure it to IMAP.

Then, your email is set up.

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