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Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Meeting In Today's To Dos

Setting And Using The Meeting Section

Let's explore the meeting section of your Today's To Dos.

When you come into your Today's To Do section every day, you'll notice that any meeting you have today and any follow-ups are always displayed on this page.

So, we will view the appointment before our meeting time.

To get to your meeting information and start the meeting, click here

During your meeting, we strongly advise keeping this page open.

​You can easily create and save notes as you go, ensuring you capture all the essential details.

These notes will always be accessible for future reference, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the Bridger calendar, a powerful tool, allows you to navigate through different months effortlessly, giving you full control over your schedule.

Booking your next meeting is a breeze.

Whether you prefer to plan by the week, the day, or the list, the choice is yours.

During your meeting with your prospect, you can book your next meeting before hanging up, all without leaving your entire calendar.

And if plans change, you can just as easily cancel a meeting. This flexibility is designed to make you feel confident and capable of managing your meetings.

You can mark the meeting as complete.

Again, when you mark your meeting as complete, the system will always ask you for the next connection point.

Hence, we put a memo here: Make sure you schedule your next meeting.

​That is the functionality when it comes to your meeting details.

After you've gone in today and viewed your appointment to finalize this, you only mark your meeting as complete.

You choose another meeting, the who, what, where, when, and why of it, your objective, your secondary objective for that meeting, and the date for the meeting.

Once you've completed the meeting and added the next one to your schedule. 

This meeting will disappear, and you'll be back to today's dos.

You've now officially done everything you needed to do for the day.

Congratulations, you're a sales superstar.

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