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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

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Rates Section In Today's To Dos

Getting all the knowledge in a flash

One thing to know is that both your dashboard and your Today's To Do represent rates that you've done in the last year.

Those rates disappear as soon as the calendar year hits, so you'll have to re-add them.

You'll see this Chicago rate on the next page when we get to the next page.

But because I created this one in 2023, you will not see it. So, in your individual prospect dashboard, you'll have a complete list of everything you've rated because that's considered part of your pipeline.

In your today's to-do section, you will find rates you've completed this calendar year. So, in this rates and proposals tab, you should view the rate sheet. After viewing the rate sheet, you can immediately send it to the prospect here or download it.

You can also open it up from here and alienate a new rate.

​You can add and delete things from a rate sheet. For example, here are the two lanes that I did. I can call these Chicago rates.

Then, I only click this button to add it to a rate sheet and save it. Now, when I view the rate sheet, I can do this. Okay, generate the PDF for that rate sheet.

I can then download the PDF, which will contain all of the information.

This information is pulled from my company demo side.

We set up your company and individual profiles in the first few videos. This information comes from all the information on your prospect side. Again, here comes your email and who prepared it. Any terms and conditions you've added to your profile will be in this section.

​If you install a company logo, it will display in the top corner, giving you the full ability to customize these rate sheets and send them out at the click of a button.

So you just hit the button, and it automatically sends your email and gives you a success message that your email has been sent.

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