How Modern CRM Tools Are Redefining Success in the Logistics Industry

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

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How Modern CRM Tools Are Redefining Success in the Logistics Industry

The freight market must constantly pursue innovative methods to enhance efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. 

With the advent of modern CRM tools, companies are experiencing a fundamental redefinition in their operational approach and how they add value to their clientele. 

In this blog, we will delve into the transformative impact of these state-of-the-art tools and how they are illuminating their pivotal role in revolutionizing operational management and customer relationships. 

Brace yourself for exploring the game-changing potential of modern CRMs in our industry.

In this blog, we'll explore how these cutting-edge tools reshape success and revolutionize how businesses manage their operations and customer relationships. 

​Get ready to discover the transformative power of tech in the supply chain world.

Why is CRM Crucial for Freight and Logistics Businesses?

Choosing the right tools can enable companies to efficiently manage interactions with current and potential customers, improving customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and, ultimately, increased profitability. 

​Brokers and asset-based companies can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours by leveraging innovative tools within their sales cadences.

This allows for personalized and targeted sales strategies that enhance customer engagement and retention.

Furthermore, CRMs empower freight and logistics businesses to optimize their sales processes by providing a centralized platform for managing leads, tracking customer interactions, and forecasting sales opportunities.

This leads to improved efficiency within the organization and ensures that customer inquiries and service requests are promptly addressed, fostering trust and loyalty. 

Ultimately, implementation is instrumental in helping businesses stay competitive in an industry where customer satisfaction and efficient operations are paramount.

In today's world, more companies are seeing the bigger picture and the value that comes with industry-specific tools. 
​It's a great sign, considering that our industry needs to catch up to most markets in terms of tech and adopt new business strategies. 

Optimizing Freight Sales with A Freight CRM For Industry Growth

Our industry needs to improve in this area.

Most companies need to see the value in a CRM or tools that help their teams win in the long run.

In compiling feedback for this article, we have found that most sales reps, agents, and even employees feel the system companies put in place for them feels more like a tracking device than software developed to help them succeed. 

This means we need to change the narrative of how we use the tools to serve our needs better.

The future of logistics relies on tech and tools that help our team do more in less time. We must get up to speed quickly to maximize our output and create the life and career we dream of.

​​Yes, an industry-specific CRM designed to be user-friendly and eliminate unnecessary junk can and will be the tool of choice. Spreadsheets (regardless of how much time you've put into yours) will break down and give you issues.

Optimizing sales and getting more done in less time is not just about using Chat GPT or whatever new " shiny" gimmick is out this month.

It's about building a workflow that supports your overall needs, desires, and workload so that you can improve, get feedback on areas that need improvement, and help you win in the long run. 

The transportation industry must start relying on real-time data, insights that are both workable and final, so that we can adjust and pivot faster, allowing us to keep climbing the sales mountain. 

Your ability to win is directly tied to the vehicle you use to get you to the finish line. Think of it like trying to climb Mount Everest on a big wheel. No matter how strong you are, you'll never get there. 

Here are a few tools or workflows your chosen CRM should have to help you win in the long run. 

Freight Rates - The ability to see the historical and present market rates on any lane you're discussing with your prospects and clients. 

Supply Chain Ecosystem - A fully functional freight broker brain to guide you on what's happening in the industry and give you ideas on where it's going. 

Built In Lead Generation - This way, we save time moving from tool to tool to get work done. The more your sales system incorporates tools that help you win, the better. 

Built In Time Savers - This means using AI and automation in areas that help you, the professional rep, succeed, not just adding them to say you have AI.

These are just a few of the things that play a crucial role in our success and our daily accomplishments. It's a fast-paced world, and our industry is starting to climb, so staying ahead of the pack is a must. 

Competitive Edge Through Informed Decision-Making

Logistics and freight management are about more than just booking loads and ensuring that your clients' loads are picked up and delivered on time.

It's also about reducing costs, giving clients more opportunities to see gaps in their business, and even leveraging the power of seamless communication in seconds. 

​Accurate data will play a pivotal role in your freight brokerage business.

Collaboration across the freight landscape will give you a deeper understanding and help you stay ahead of the curve, providing exceptional customer service and carrier relationships. 

Today's traffic managers are looking for experts in their fields.

They want optimized operations, cutting-edge tech, and tools that help them stay ahead of their competition.

A cutting-edge system built for your specific industry can achieve all of this. 

​Every client and partner wants to make informed decisions. Gone are the days when we throw something at the wall and hope it will stick.

After interviewing over 100 traffic managers, over 87% said that "they can not be wrong" about their next decision about who to bring in to help them with their shipment or long-term bid package. 

Transportation companies looking to scale their business must have the processes to help their clients win, plain and simple!

Business success in the freight and supply chain world lies in its ability to open communication channels, analyze vast amounts of data, improve operational efficiency, manage inventory levels, and even use technological advancements to help our clients win. 

​This is the ultimate power of informed decision-making, and it's why it's a must to have a system that does this while you focus on the main thing—selling! 

Enhancing Productivity In Freight Sales For Industry Growth and Long-term Logistics Solutions

As our industry continues to evolve, growth and success depend on the sales rep and their ops team to help the company grow profitably.

When sales teams focus on profitability, businesses gain a competitive edge.
It allows clients to see them as a faster and more reliable service for clients to reach their destinations on time or even earlier than they expected. 
Here's how to create your success story in the freight broker world. 

To start a career that stands the test of time and avoids burnout, your systems and the tech you use MUST have a specific purpose.

Like delivery deadlines, the freight industry and freight operations must adapt to the evolving markets surrounding them.

What this means is that we have to adopt new tech to help us enhance our results.
This includes strategies like: 

  • Being something other than the typical freight salesperson.
  • Understanding the logistic landscape better than your clients. 
  • Avoiding manual errors as much as possible. 
  • Identifying the landscape that the future holds, not just today. 
  • Becoming a modern freight agent. 

Empowering Brokers with Real-Time Sales Tools For Industry Growth

This is where the intersection of repeating patterns that never drive accurate results and Bridger meets.

The way logistics companies determine how a tool works or serves them is flawed and needs some revamping. Here's how we see it and what the nucleus of Bridger is. 

When you use a tool, it must pass these important markets to help you grow and maintain a vertical climb. 

What is its intended use case? - This means if it's to help sales reps scale their sales without working sixteen hours a day, how does it do that? 

How will it integrate into our present workflow? If we choose a new tool, how easily can it integrate into our present workflow? The more effort it takes to integrate, the more likely your team will not use it to its maximum potential. 

How will it help free up time on repetitive tasks that can be automated? This is where the real power is in an advanced system. It frees up your team's time to focus on the business's needle movers. 

How easy is it to learn? How long will it take the team to master the system before new results and more productivity start to show up on the bottom line? That's one of the most important questions to ask yourself!

How Bridger Improves Productivity and Real-Time Efficiency in Freight Brokerage Sales Management

Unlike any other freight CRMs, Bridger has stripped out all non-essentials.

It optimizes routes in sales like no other system, giving logistics professionals and customer relationship management team members everything they need to get the needle-moving tasks done in less time. 

​A good freight CRM gives you real-time visibility into your sales stats and has the most comprehensive AI built-in.

​It helps you with industry education, shipper challenges, and analyzing historical data; it even gives you back time with its strategic tools.

The best service we can offer is how Bridger helps logistics sales pros to do more in less time, automating single or multiple levels of their business and freeing them up to do the needle-moving tasks daily. 

Bridger offers your team actual logistics solutions that help them sell more and build better relationships with their team and clients—guiding them to become multi-million dollar producers. 

Real-Time Tools To Empower The Freight Broker And Supply Chain Sales Professional

Here are a few real-time tools that Bridger has to help you move faster, free up more time, and give you more staying power in your client's eyes.

  • Industry-leading GPT for logistics: from finding out when and where produce season will impact rates to getting the proper sales training by High-Performance Logistics Sales Coaches. We've got you covered.
  • Research done in seconds: In the past, researching a company would take 10-15 minutes. Now, with Bridger, that's been reduced to under a minute.
  • Rates and lane research: Bridger has an exclusive relationship with data leaders to provide you with the most up-to-date lane data in the market, allowing you to be confident in your numbers and overall availability.
  • Manual / Hybrid and even automated cadences: This gives you a full range of connection types, such as audio, DM, video, and much more, allowing you to customize your sales process to meet your unique needs.
  • Weekly sales training from industry experts and sales gurus: We go live twice a week to help our clients shave years off their success timelines and close more business in less time.

Insights And The Future Of Logistics Business Success

In conclusion, CRM tools are redefining success in the logistics industry by enabling companies to improve customer relationships, enhance communication, make data-driven decisions, increase automation, and scale their operations effectively in any transportation and logistics environment.

By leveraging these tools, you can stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry and drive long-term success. 

For a deeper, more customized look at Bridger, please schedule your customized demo so we can show you how Bridger can become your sales team's best companion and start to drive more revenue and sales growth in the logistics sector. 

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