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Tuesday, April 09, 2024

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Roles Users And Branches Walkthrough

Adding and removing users, roles, and branches inside Bridger

Let's look at how we add and remove users, branches, and roles through the corporate profile by setting up users, roles, and branches. 

So, if you are a manager, go to your image at the top right-hand side and click on the company profile.

​Inside the company profile, you'll notice that you have three top-down buttons that come alive.

Your user count is a crucial feature that helps you manage all of your branches and roles within your company.

It provides you with the number of active users at the top and the number of disabled ones.

If you require additional users, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Adding a user is straightforward.

Select 'Add a user, 'choose the branch they belong to, and enter their details, such as first and last names, email, and phone numbers.

Click 'Send, 'and the system will automatically generate a username and password for them, which will be emailed.

Once they log in, they should change their passwords. Once your user is set up, you can create as many branches as possible.

Should this be something you want to do? You could add a branch and give it a branch name.

If you have branch codes, addresses, and street numbers, if they're different, if there's a delivery address, you can add them.

What is the street name, what suburb is it, what city, state, and then the postal or zip code?

Once you have that, you save it, and just like here, you have the Aaron and Oakville branches.

You can create a code for all of the above.

Once you've done that, you can simply X out of here, and then you can actually go in and start adding users to the different branches that you want them to be added to.

The role manager is a powerful tool that allows you to assign roles and permissions to your team members.

By clicking on it, you can add roles and assign users to those roles based on the permissions you want to grant.

Once you've established your roles and their hierarchy, each individual's account will be customized based on their assigned role.

If you add a manager, their account will open up with all these tools.

If you add a salesperson, they will only have the list of tools on the top and no manager tools.

So, make sure you understand that when setting up all roles inside the role manager.

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