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Let's get moving and explore your sequences and everything related to your sequences tab.

So, on the left-hand side, click on sequences.

You can choose up to a hundred sequences before it changes pages.

There are a few things that we need to see inside these sequences. Number one is that we can edit the sequence right from here.

We can view the sequence steps, showing you exactly the steps in the sequence.

To create a sequence just click here. 

To add prospects to a sequence, click here. 

To see who you have in sequences, click here. 

Let's add a sequence and add some steps to that sequence. 

Click the "Create A Sequence" Button and you'll be directed to this page. 

Now, let's add a few steps to make this sequence come alive. 

Add a step by clicking this button. Please note, the delay days beside the task, represent how long the delay will be for that task. 

So, if you want the task to happen today, leave it at 0; if you want it to be delayed a day or two, add the days here. 

​Now that you have the sequence created, let's add a few tasks. 

First, hit the drop-down and select the specific task you want to use as a primary way to connect. 

Once you choose the first one, work through your entire sequence using the connection types that meet your sales process.

Create as many steps in the sequence as you desire.  

Once you add a sequence or multiple sequences to your system, it's time to add some prospects.

To do this, hit the save button, then hit the back button, as seen here.

This will bring you to the main Sequences page. 

This is one of the many ways to add prospects to sequences. 

​Once you click this button

You can use these three sections to choose the sequence, the contact you want in the sequence and a start date for the sequence to begin. 

Once you add all your contacts to this sequence, it's time to turn it on and activate the sequence process. 

​Head back to the main sequence tab; it's the easiest way to get to this location. 

Now, you can click the Not Activated filter to only see who's in a sequence but NOT active. 

Hit the "Select All" button and hit activate. 

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