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Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Today's To Dos Bottom Sections

The last part of the Today's To Dos Section In Bridger

Understanding the 'Today's To-Do' section in Bridger's system is crucial.

This section is where you'll find all your contacts that have a sequence step or have been set up in a sequence with an upcoming step.

If this box appears blank most of the time, it simply means your sequences are running smoothly.

​If you notice a contact in this week's sequence with a rotating circle symbol.

It's a sign that they're preparing for the next step.

Moving to the right, you'll see a list of prospects yet to be contacted.

Anyone in your system with whom you have not contacted will appear here.

If you see leads here, click on them and decide whether you want to set a manual task or put them into a sequence.

If this box is blank, all that means is you have no contacts under the new section in your system.

This section is designed to catch prospects that eat, anyway, have slipped through the cracks.

This means that you've made contact with a prospect and marked the task as complete, but you've mistakenly deleted the other functions for some reason.

​After 14 days—not business days, but calendar days—that prospect will appear here, letting you know you still need to contact them.

It's Bridger's back-end system saying you've lost this prospect. That's a quick overview of the bottom three sections.

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