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Exclusive Research Tools

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Bridger's exclusive research tools takes the usual 15 minutes of research time and turns it into under a minute.

Saving you over 10 minutes every time you want to look into a company

  • Research Time: From 10 minutes to under a minute
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Get your emails written for you in seconds, just edit and send!

Bridger's exclusive email writer takes the thinking out of getting in touch with your ideal prospects. 

​Now all you have to do is enter the call to action, and our industry exclusive tools helps write a fully customized email to your prospect. 

​All you need to do is add a little of your style to it, and hit send. 

Video messages at SCALE As Well...

Like video? We have a premier solution for you!

FREE with your Bridger membership is an exclusive video creation tool that helps you scale your cold video outreach in seconds... 

​No coding, exporting, or any kind of editing needed. Record, set and send... Video DONE!

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