Load Link & Bridger 

Your Sales Team = Unlimited Possibilities... 

With Load Link and Bridger's partnership, you now can have access to two of our industry's most powerful tools. Load Link to find, book, and access an almost unlimited group of highly qualified carriers, and Bridger to give you and your team the right vehicle to help you exceed your sales goals in 2024

Here's what you get with Bridger...

All the tools you need, in a SINGLE application...

Unlimited Sequences​

Never worry about sequence limits again.

  • Multi-level Connection Points: Choose the way you like to connect, and go to town... 
  • 360 Degree Sequences: Hit your prospects from all angles, at all time, never leaving anything to chance...
  • Dynamic Hybrid Sequences: Go manual, and automated in a single sequence. 
  • ​​Video Messages | ​​​​​DMs | Emails | Voice Memos | And SO MUCH MORE...

Highest Security Features​

We take security seriously! 

Bridger's primary focus is on securing your data with eight different layers, ensuring your up-time is over 99%

Intelligent Lead Management

Keeping you in front of your prospects...

  • Lost Leads: Never lose leads to the CRM Abyss again... 
  • ​Exclusive Internal Tracing: Allows you to work confidently, knowing you will always have all your leads at the tip of your fingers.
  • Lost Leads & Follow-Ups: Are a thing of the past, Bridger's "Never Lost" functionality will give you a heads up when a lead is over 14-days past due to call... 

AI Industry Chat

Never be disconnected from industry insights again...

Bridger has created the most extensive library of logistics information.

​Allowing you and your team to ask any question they want about the industry and get the answers instantly!

Your issues, are OUR Concerns... 

We are putting everything we have into ensuring your issues are solved in Bridger and it's THE VEHICLE to take ytou to $1,000,000 and more in GP... 

Bridger's gamification functions add a unique sales delivery system to help your team enjoy the sales process, by adding excitement to the mundane sales functions.

Eliminating the feeling of being "tracked" and adding to your team's overall sales success...

Hard To Understand CRMs
​Bridger's onboarding and adoption process takes teams less than three hours to grasp and under a day to master. Bridger is built with a 3-Click process. NO action, report, or function is over 3 clicks away!

Most CRMs are too confusing
​Bridger's user focused interface is set up to help even the newest users get moving towards their sales success within hours of onboarding.

Regardless of their history (or lack thereof) with CRMs.

Adoption of a CRM
We know that the adoption of a new system can add massive headaches to your daily routine and the routines of your team.

This is why we offer a FREE, full concierge onboarding process and give both you and your team every tool to remove the complexity of most CRMs.

Bridger has focused on our customer use experience and has been able to eliminate 92% of the anxiety and challenges that come with adopting a new system.

​From login to being able to use Bridger to it's fullest, we have seen adoption in as little as a half day.

Most CRMs are too expensive
​Bridger's easy pricing process eliminates cost anxiety.

Bridger gives you multiple tools in a single platform, including video prospecting, Rate Index with Load Link, and even fully automated sequencing and Lead Generation built into the system (FOR A SINGLE PRICE).

Most CRMs are over engineered
​Bridger is one of the most simplistic CRMs on the market.

Our belief is that we need to give you and your team the tools to do what they do best, SELL and NOT over-engineering a system to meet multiple industries.

Bridger is THE CRM for Logistics - only including functions that HELP your company get results.

Bridger's Concierge Service
​Our primary focus when building Bridger was integration and migration.

With Bridger's exclusive concierge service, your migration takes under an hour.

We also offer a full migration service FREE OF CHARGE, eliminating migration anxiety and wasted time

Automations and Processing info
Bridger is fully scalable for teams focusing on growth, with the ability to add offices, branches, and users with full accessibility features.

You can now scale your business with a click of the mouse.

Work collaboratively with lead conflicts, giving you the ability to approve or deny a lead based on duplicates with nine levels of connection.

Eliminating reps chasing the same leads.

With Bridger's EXCLUSIVE 3-CLICK function, no lead, piece of information, or tool is more than three clicks away. For the most part, EVERY sales tool, function, and report is ONE CLICK AWAY.

Bridger's dynamic search gives you any piece of information within seconds, eliminating searching and wasted time.

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